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Currently, there is a digital marketing agency in every city of the world. Around +30k digital marketing agencies in the world, out of which 60% would offer SEO integrated services. Today, more and more digital marketing agencies are coming to surface. The competitive marketing industry often experimental agencies work on different models as compared to trending marketing agencies. In short! Each digital marketing agency could have a unique model as its core. So, for those who just begin their journey, setting a business model could bridge the gap between failure and success. 

Business Models From A New Lens

There is no mystery here, world renowned digital marketing to small-scale digital marketing agencies use a business model. The business model often makes everything tangible for the agency’s stakeholders.  Crafting a successful business model is all about capturing business value, value proposition, channeling, and maintaining good relationships. Not to mention generating revenue. Most business models work toward expanding resources and performing impacting activities. Plus, business models help in understanding specific jobs and to prepare focused questions. Although, at the very core, a variety of digital marketing agencies would be leveraging almost the same business models, they would help clients to achieve a variety of marketing goals. 


Business Models For Marketing In The Now

Presently, to make your impact and to reach a wider customer base, you would need a new business model blueprint. Some of the new agencies often have only one vertical, one marketing and specific resellers. While others embrace the full market. Here are segments to identifying targets by geography

  1. Local Region Businesses 
  2. Local Region Brands
  3. International Brands 

Also, we target by verticals aka industry-wise. 

  1. Single vertical focused agency: Most commonly dealership and lawyers. 
  2. Single vertical internationally focused agency: Global SEO companies 
  3. Multiple target focused agencies: ecommerce, travel, fashion and real estate. 
  4. Online only focused agencies: Drive revenue from online transaction 
  5. B2B focused agency

We can also target by size:

  1. Small To Large Business
  2. Companies and Enterprises
  3. Fortune500 Brands

Once you set your focus next it is time to go for customer segmentation: 

  1. Do you want to address customer needs?
  2. Do you want to build a brand angle?
  3. Do you want to be unique in service, method and price?

Talking about digital marketing agencies, there is a lot happening these days. Due to the global pandemic situation, many agencies are switching to a new business model. Industry experts, client segment and customer experience are changing every day. From a single expert point of view, the ways to showcase a product or service are increasing. Soon, there would be a more appropriate way to showcase know-how of technology, products and services. Therefore, for beginners if the approach is the angle, then depending on full-digital position or semi-digital position you might require to have strategy, creation model and social media marketing and so on. 

Then you can offer a mix of services including SEO, SMM and Email marketing etc. for a monthly or yearly subscription price. Although there is less delivery angle as well, which is more or like Think-Plan-Do measure method. 


Industry events, conferences and business networking is a way for promoting and meeting prospect clients. Plus, it would help in strengthening relationships. For beginners it might take some time, but it is important for someone working in a marketing agency to gain exposure to industry. 


Search engine optimization is a way to showcase your strength, phenomenal brand and to expand marketing capacities. If done properly, SEO can take your business/brand to the next-level.

Wrapping Up 

Crafting a new business model would require you to look into nearly every aspect of business and industry. One important aspect is to have perspective and ability to be transparent about issues. Together with aforementioned tips and tricks, you can build a rock-solid digital marketing agency.

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