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Enjoyment time is on its way back to an individual’s lifestyle. Now it is time to catch up with your stylist. Perhaps, you would enjoy a pinot while relaxing in a SPA. In short! Take some time out of the daily chorus, grab your favorite magazine, and prepare yourself for a good scalp massage. During lockdown protocols everything got changed. In other words, common product preference is changes and event delivery of services. 

Presently, if you go to your salon (if it’s reopened) try not to be surprised if you get a different-than-usual experience. As per salon and spa owners, both working employees and clients should expect some general rules to be followed. Both employees and clients should expect their temperature taken, face-covering is a must and clients could be asked to fill a questionnaire as well.  Additionally, there would be entry requirements, and other safety precautions as well. 

Open Space 

First things first, you would notice that the salon actually looks different from how you left it before lockdown protocol. On your visit, as you enter, it won’t look as full because of fewer clients. Also, expect more wait time because of disinfecting and sanitizing time between clients. It is highly recommended to proactively book your appointment since there would be fewer chairs to sit.  

Contactless Checkout 

One of the best features emerging in-salon plus spas is their contactless checkout. This process will help users to safely exit from the salon without any need to pay on desk. In-house settings, housekeeping, and waiting areas will be reimagined and restructured. Salon plus spas are ensuring social distancing guidelines are followed. And, in case you are considering bringing friends, then perhaps you need to park this idea for a couple of months. Salon and spas also request clients to avoid tagging along with friends, children, and family members. Of course, they are allowed in if they are seeking salon services and caretakers are allowed. 

Eliminated Services

Some trending controversial services are blowouts. Your salon assistant might not offer you this one to avoid potential spreading of the virus. Perhaps it is best. In case you are going in for a color done then it could be possible that you have to dry off your hair at home. Although it is still uncertain, how many services would get affected due to the new model of working?  

Implementation of new standards and regulations might bring out new obligations. The hardest thing is to stay prepared from an engineering and administrative point of view. Salon and spa will require high-efficiency air filters, sneeze guards, and wearing personal protective equipment. 


Georgian Solution 

There are 28 safety guidelines listed on the State board of Cosmetologist and Barbers. In case any salon, if found violating any standard rules, could face complete closure. Within guidelines there are protocols for shampoo bowls. Shampoo area if allowed will be a silent place.

Overall salon plus spa owners would need to maintain socially distance protocol and follow other guidelines. In between fewer appointments, many stylists are leaving for good. Many stylists have decided to move back to their hometown. Real estate platforms are helping families to transit and helping individuals find cheap homes. Salon owners agreed to remove glassware, cutlery, and beverages services.  Also, there might be removal of chairs, pillows and handbags. 

Process of getting nail paint is expected to evolve as well. There is a lot of exploration going on in this area. For a start, polish will be taken to the client station and would not be placed back on the wall without being sanitized. On the other hand, gel swatches can be a bit more complicated. This process will require something called ‘enhanced service safety’. 

Extreme Measure 

Salon plus spa would take extra extreme measures such as using DHP (dry hydrogen peroxide) to effectively reduce viruses and bacteria. 

Wrapping Up 

With so much change and chaos, salon plus spa professionals are eager and excited to see their customers back once again. Everyone wants to remain open safely.

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