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While we all are taking safety precautions as recommended by WHO (World Health Organization), many people have taken a decision to work from home. Currently, the government too is contributing to protecting workers from economic impact. In some countries there is suspension of mortgage payment, in others, free health-care and food camps are running 24/7. COVID-19 has severely impacted small business owners and self-employed individuals. So, during this situation how can small scale business owners, and individuals survive the economic impact? Keep reading and find out top 10 marketing tasks to perform. 

Optimize And Keep Calm 

Panic is a waste of energy and resources. Getting alarmed will be a waste of time, already many small-scale business owners, small retail shops and self-employed individuals are facing losses. Since there is a lot of uncertainty around economic impact – it is easy to get scared. But you can flatten it out, it is time to optimize your organic search. Opposite to paid search, organic search is a very competitive space, to move forward you need to step up. 

Budgeting And SEO 

In this case, your sale per year ranges from $1 to $5 million – your spending on advertising and marketing would be approximately 7-8% of your gross revenue. In high growth companies, this percentage is near 10-12% with a minimum of 7% of maintenance. In other words, you are spending $100,000 in gross revenue and also $7000 in advertising and marketing each year. It is highly recommended to keep up with this level of investment. Growing beyond it would be hard, but you can cut short on some paid advertising. There is no point in attracting customers to your store if no one is ready to step out of home, especially during COVID-19 pandemic. However, you can keep up with SEO and inbound marketing. The engagements might drop, there will lose traction across channels but it is also the time to keep your course on track while tackling potential impacts on SEO and marketing tasks. You can leverage quality work by allowing your teams to work from home. 

Top 10 Marketing Task To Do Now For A Quick Recovery From COVID-19 Impact

  1. Interviews and Feedbacks: First things first, you need to catch up with employees and customers. It is a good time to ask them about their experience. Record these experiences, within months it will be a rich source to your blog posts, social content and new media release. 
  2. Mini-Audits: We know content audits take time and expertise – otherwise mini-audits can improve your content performance. Make sure to keep your inventory of content assets to date. It’s time to build content of each type: –
  3. Articles 
  4. Infographics
  5. eBooks
  6. Presentations
  7. Blog Posts
  8. Emails
  9. Webpages
  10. Videos
  11. Whitepaper

Once you have completed writing process then next ritual to follow is evaluating each piece with a critical eye: – 

  • Distinguish between high-quality pieces and average ones. 
  • Separate pieces with more social shares and backlinks. 
  • Identify which one gets most traffic on-site.

Benefits and Opportunities: –

  • Make updating easy with fresh content
  • CTA optimization and keywords
  • Internal Links and new products
  • Re-promoting business picks
  1. Webinars: Next, you can plan to answer frequently asked questions, introduce new team members, new features, inspire new booking and much more. As per statistics, around 91% of professionals say that webinars are a more prominent content format for learning. 
  2. Eliminating Administrative Messes: Use this time to clean up files, delete things and close open contracts. Make some fresh content for your website, add some more riches to it by leveraging podcasts and webinars. Reach your pre-stack of marketing books. 
  3. Aim Different Types Of SERPS: In case like a lot of small business owners, if you don’t have time to think about getting into more sophisticated search then try balancing. Without digging any more into complex search queries, try to level up your organic and PPC efforts.  
  4. Record Videos: Video can be great SEO fodder and they can help you to: – 
  • Easily target long-tail keywords
  • Use video to trigger featured snippets
  • Appear in relevant searches

Moreover, video can serve as a basis for a plethora of different types of content. You can embed video to your blog, take screenshots and take out quotes. Reuse those quotes on social media. 

  1. Online Review Strategy: While everyone works from home you can begin a process to work on your online review strategy. It is time to create a new review policy (if required), train an employee to manage it for you so that you can move forward easily. Invest in training employees to respond to negative reviews.  
  2. Get Digital: Plan to take your store online so that you can share your products with a wider audience. To go digital, get better at making videos. You can plan to shoot videos indoor and outdoor and grab the attention of millions of people. 
  3. Update Your Info: Do you have to operate only in given hours? Sometimes, it is good to take extra care of yourself. In case you are making some changes in odd hours then try using the GMB dashboard. This will help you, the customer, to track changes.  
  4. Show Some Love: Once you have prepared content for your website, now take some time out to fix your website for new content. Make your website a social magnet. 

Wrapping Up

Unnatural backlinks are like weeds in a garden, they drain all your resources and reduce your efficiency. Believe it or not, but you can achieve 50% more traffic by simply weeding out unnatural links. There are plethora of ways to do it and you can leverage a variety of tools to reach maximum efficiency. Lastly, it is highly recommended to plan your outreach strategy. Avoid dropping a relationship just because there is too much work. During challenging times, make decisions to cut your budget. Build connections and trust people, it is just the time to know your customer better. 


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