common marketing mistakes 2021

Currently, there are a lot of changes happening all around the world. Business-owners, brands, and marketers would be facing challenges every day. Forget about generating ROI, many brands are simply losing their awareness of the market. Today, almost 96% of sales are originating from online sources. It is essential to avoid making any mistakes. The three pillars of successful branding during these times are:

  1. Balance 
  2. Marketing 
  3. Goals 

It is essential to have proper tools in your arsenal to keep your business on the correct trajectory. But there is one tool which is perhaps super important and above all; it is your website. Unique and beautiful websites serve as a base of attracting more prospective customers. Presently, all websites must be based on a mobile-first approach. In other words, a website should be responsive on a variety of mobile displays as well as laptops and wide screens. 

Prospect customers look for different factors and overall intuitiveness of the website before using it. Based on a few factors, here is a list of basic mistakes to avoid when building your first website.

  1. Looks And Design: First one first, does your website look older? Most of the time an inadequate website reflects out of touch factors. Ensure that your website design reflects current user behavior and practices.

  2. Photography and Graphics: Great is the enemy of good. Avoid selling something online with poor-quality images. Invest in high-end visuals. So, you don’t need to upload 50 photographs. Only 5 with amazing visuals would work just fine.

  3. Everything At One Spot: A good website design is intuitive; it has smooth navigation and easy user interface. Avoid giving everything at one spot, but never make it a treasure hunt for users.

  4. Getting Viewers: Most niches have specific starting points. For example, if you are selling houses online. First thing a user will go for is a plan, offers, deal, and price, etc. Only after they have seen your plan; you can take them to another service. Avoid forcing your user to download anything.

  5. Easy-To-Find: All information on a website must be easy to find. Every “contact us” information should be relevant, clear, simple, and up-to-date.

  6. Mobile-First: Ensure that you are choosing correct website design. Presently, most online activity comes from smartphones and iPads. Therefore aim to make your website automatically adjust information and photos on a variety of displays.

  7. Showcasing Vs. Database: When you collect prospect information, ensure that your audience gets what is promised. Allow visitors to easily view all sorts of different information, and give the option to download it for free. Find a balance between showcasing and building a user database.

  8. Lead Magnets: A good lead magnet is capable of everything. In case you don’t want your visitors to leave without giving you an email, phone number, etc. use lead magnets. Leverage brochures and newsletters to generate a greater number of leads.

  9. Website Optimization: Perhaps you already know the importance of optimizing websites. Yes! It is absolutely essential to have SEO (search engine optimization).  To make it to the first page of any search engine, and to boost revenue leverage SEO.

  10. Engaging Content: Last but not least, it is essential to have relevant and catchy content on your website. Did you know? Using copied to redundant content could lower your organic search engine results. So, keep it original and fresh. 

Wrapping Up 

Often websites are built without properly investigating prospective visitors. Ensure to brainstorm on the target audience. So, you can build a relevant and compelling message. Keep your website design simple, easy-to-navigate, and responsive.  

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