yoga during work from home

Yoga is famous in many communities among millions of people and practitioners. A famous quote “practice and all is coming” brings us an awareness of the importance of being consistent. Whether you practice yoga for body, mind, or spirit; Yoga reveals truth on its own time. With greater truth comes a deep inner peace. For Gen-Z practicing yoga is a difficult thing to establish. In case, you also face challenges in becoming consistent in your practice, here checkout these tips-to-follow. 

yoga  during work from home

 List of extended tips for becoming consistent in YOGA practice.  

  1. Create Your Space: First and foremost, Yoga is a union of two opposites, whether it is male and female energy, self and environment, time, and spaces. etc. If possible, devote an extra room to your yoga practice. Keep a yoga mat unrolled all the time. However, stay flexible in creating your own space. Just look-out for the sweet spot where you can quiet your mind and gain peace. Plus, you can create some atmosphere with incense and candles. 

Although, keeping an incense stick is great but it is by no means necessary. As long as you have enough space; you are good to go. So, stay creative and practice every day no matter what. 

  1. Accessories Your Routine: To perform your yoga, all you basically need is a yoga mat. Avoid paying a fortune on a yoga mat; a good quality mat is just enough. A block and bolster are nice to have. Accessorizing your yoga routine is key to achieving better results. But, by no means is it a prerequisite. Remember, the aim is to stay consistent with practice.

  2. Safety Practice: When it comes to Yoga, there are no shortcuts. So, always stay mindful about your body, and its vulnerable areas. Some of the key areas to take care of include knees, hips, spine, and neck area. When it is a painful sensation, simply adjust and soften. Avoid going into a pose if it needs force. Do not push, warm up your body properly before attempting advanced poses. At all times, stay mindful about transition between poses.

  3. Yoga Style: The core question is “What do my body, mind, and spirit needs”. Whether you want to go for Vinyasa Flow or perhaps something more restorative. The aim is to quiet your body and mind. So, the more you practice, the more you learn and soon you will be able to recognize what your body and mind requirements are. Keep an eye on the description of each pose when going for online yoga classes. Go with the one your intuition calls for! Picking up style is as important as selecting a teacher.

  4. Regular Practice: Lastly, it is super essential to practice regularly. Although even once a week is beneficial. Unless you have specific goals to achieve, a bi-weekly Yoga program should work out best for you. Remember it is ok if you missed your practice one day, do not give up and perform your pose the next day. Aim to stay consistent in your YOGA practice. 

Wrapping Up 

One of the most common mistakes made by individuals is that they forget to enjoy practicing yoga and focus only on achieving results. Yoga is a phenomenal process, it is a journey, not a destination. So, what are you waiting for? Set your mat and get going. 


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