Potential Energy

Never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.”

– Charles Dickens

Before sunrise, and, some committed individuals were waking up at 5 a.m. Additionally, they plan their workout, office work schedule, get into a certain mindset and look forward to the ‘feel’ of the day. Today, it is time to turn your passion into profit. We are in the year of 2021. The sun is shining on the horizon, and you can hear distant sounds along with some people talking. The city where employees work never sleep, there are only ‘power naps’.

This is an office where I write from, and this is a tale of the fast-spinning world of economics, value-creation, speaking skills, communication, ethics, work and much more. “Double-down on productiveness is our main motto” – #Employees.

First things first, let’s talk about mindset. It is a curious ‘thing’, hopefully, none of us understand it, but still would like to discover, or perhaps then deny. Gratitude is optimal living that we forget most of the time, and it all comes down to style, attitude, and clothes. India, or any other country as matter of fact, has a plethora of employees working at supermarkets, IT, workstations, clubs, bars, and so forth and so on. Just so that you know – the #Employees’ age range varies from 18-60 legally, many underage individuals also work for wages but that is some other story. This story is about us #Employees. To be honest, it is not a story, it is a delivery of productivity, craze, trend, and hard work.


Knowledge is power. Longevity is the nature of work. Men and women have worked together for ages to accomplish something which cannot be even described as ‘unique’. Nevertheless, I will talk about it and it is ‘capability’. Think about it, employees of the past would have no mobile phones. Starting your work was tough, hard and unorganized. Today, we have mobile phones, smartphones, iPhones and more. Period. Quality of work and #Employees are already on a high tide. Restful attitude, understanding behavior, and victories have been reported by each and every employee. Western civilization or East collective hardly matters because everything is coming from potential energy. And, that is an idea to work for or perhaps a potential idea.

Potential Energy

Zelda, the little character, had enormous potential energy. And, that is cool about him. Baying challenges, dodging things, cute, fast, and much more. Gravity fall for him and High mountains bend in-front of him. In a nutshell, #Employees firmly believe in potential energy. Just so that YOU know everyone has potential energy in their core. Large pool of potential energy that can be directed and controlled to achieve work. Massive numbers of individuals have utilized this ‘energy’ and now are labeled as ‘successful people’. It is #Employees’ dreams come true.

Learning From Blog Post

  1. Everyone has potential energy that is directed to particular work or job makes success.
  2. The Employees cult is one of the biggest cults in the world.
  3. The dream of becoming ‘successful’ is common but vague.

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