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Email marketing is one of many digital marketing channels. For many companies, it accounts for more than 25 % conversions.

When running a business, e-mail is also one of the best ways to communicate with customers.

Worldwide, approximately 2.5 billion people use email. The numbers are estimated to grow by 2-3 percent in the coming years. With the success of social media channels and technology development, almost everyone in recent years felt that email is probably irrelevant.

However, Emails Are Not Dead!

Indeed, estimates reveal that the world sends 196 trillion emails every day. Approximately 60% of those emails are business emails. In addition, approximately 99% of consumers check their emails each day. Therefore you have a very good chance of finding new customers through email marketing unless your emails reach the spam box.

Email marketing is often a very personal way of meeting potential customers. Your friends and family texts are next to the email notifications for your company. That’s why it works well with tailored email marketing.

E-mails should be tailored to consumer behavior to ensure that all contacts are of significance to them. Things like business improvements, success stories, customer feedback are covered – this list is nearly endless. With thousands of users using it every day, emails won’t go for a while. When you are sending bulk emails, make sure you verify your email list with well-known bulk email validation tools for better deliverability. By using email verification/validation tools, you can protect your sender score from getting harmed.

What Are the Best 5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Important?

1. Your Customers Love Emails

One of the main reasons why businesses should use e-mail marketing is because consumers like e-mail. With small advertising spending, they cannot afford to invest in marketing strategies without necessity.

Social media is an excellent place where small enterprises can engage with consumers, but marketers often cannot take advantage of their organic influence. Social networking is not the only solution, however. Email provides an enterprise medium and leads and prospective customers.

Consumers want to connect via email to the company. It is also possible for this reason. People have registered for your email list and hoped to hear from you. It is therefore up to the company to provide these pieces of information healthily. Your customers want to hear about products and ads and discounts.

2. Email Marketing > Social Media Marketing

Don’t get us wrong! Don’t get us wrong with this! Social media is extremely important to any advertising plan. Social networking is an excellent way to engage and share with your supporters. It will help you achieve your objectives.

The fact is, the success of the marketing channel also depends on the company’s industry. If you’re a local store that sells shoes to teens, then social media is definitely the shot. However, in most other industries – email marketing is the fastest way to turn individuals into customers.

3. Feedback collection is easy

When were you last sneaked into your client’s Facebook profile to seek feedback or surveys?

It is very important for every company to keep track of the customer experience. These types of information help you to improve your business process, which in return can offer you commitments, interactions and sales.

The easiest and most effective way of doing this is through email marketing. For example, you can send user satisfaction surveys and even automatically perform these tasks if your email marketing platform is sufficiently advanced.

4. It Helps in SEO and Traffic Generation

How do you distribute it to the public while creating fantastic content? Most likely, you will give them an email. You will e-mail traffic to your website and boost your SEO. Plus, you can focus your audience with your brand and blog.

For a start, a number of you may have accessed the page via a marketing email from a company you subscribed to. This is because e-mail is a perfect way of giving our audiences attention and we can do that by sending our content in our e-mails and creating traffic.

Bear in mind that a call to action (CTA) should be included in your email so that readers can click on your website when creating an email that links to your contents.

5. Your Campaign Is Measurable

There is no guesswork in email marketing. You can see who opened your box, how many people were unsubscribed when you are using some advanced email marketing platform, the links were clicked on.

The results of your email promotions can be quickly reproduced, changed and your profitability enhanced. When you monitor and assess your entire internet marketing campaign, email marketing measurements are important to note.

Warping Up

E-mail is one of the best ways to reach your audience. Moreover, sales and leads can be improved. Since this is still the place to receive information, let’s say that email marketing is not dead.


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