According to research, women are more effective than men in using sunscreen. This thereby reduces the chance of getting skin diseases. The stats are too dramatically big to believe around 55%men bear skin cancer. 

This was just an overview of what’s happening around us and the impact today’s environment can cause on our skin if not taken proper care of. Without any doubt, our ladies are always on top when it comes to a skincare routine, hair care or any related thing. But men are still lacking a bit. Let us check out today how important it is to wear sunscreen for chaps.

Why do I even need sunscreen?

This is the most asked question whenever you ask a guy to wear sunscreen. But it is time to answer back that it is important to protect yourselves from the harmful UV rays, which cause severe skin problems. You won’t believe it, but the sun rays entering your window can lead to skin cancer too. So now what say do you find it important? 

Maybe yes, but I have more reasons to tell you which sunburn. This is another key reason to use sunscreen while stepping out. (if still no, then suffer the red rashes of your choice).

There might be people who don’t like doing extra with their skin or face and are happy with the moisturizer. For them, I would strongly suggest choosing a moisturizer with SPF protection. They are lighter in texture and give you proper coverage. 


The tinted moisturizer from Boticoman not only deeply hydrates the skin but also contains SPF 30 sun protection. This one is from one of the trusted brands when it comes to men’s cosmetics in India. This sebum-controlling tinted sun shield doesn’t leave streaks or buildup and is perfect for Asian skin types.

I think so far you would have understood the need for sunscreen. So here comes the next frequently asked question-

When to apply sunscreen?

This is important and you must pay attention to these guys. It is not like you standing on your terrace garden and suddenly you feel like it’s much sunny here, so you picked up your sunscreen, applied and done. No, this is not correct. Or for instance, you are on the beach enjoying your sunbath and in the middle of it sunscreen flashes in your mind.  Suddenly you applied and started to think you are safe. But no man, the risk is still up.

Always keep in mind to apply a gentle amount of sunscreen 10-15 minutes before stepping into the sun. Also, not only apply on your face but on all the other body parts that are exposed to the sun. 

Do not forget to rub and massage a bit. So it gets absorbed. You may also need to re-apply every 4 hrs.

Now some of you our cool dude can pick up a question that we don’t burn. Why do we even need sunscreen?

Sunscreen, is it for brownish skin? 

It is actually an obvious question, with a valid reason that darker skin has a good ability to fight the sun rays. 

But let me put light upon the fact that you might not be getting sunburn or rashes, but the harmful rays can still affect your skin. The UVA and UVB rays can damage any kind of skin. Therefore it becomes necessary to understand the necessity of sunscreen for every skin type. The researchers and doctors have found that melanoma, a severe skin disease, in persons of dark/ brown colour, is often diagnosed at a later stage and thus commonly results in a worse prognosis.

So it is never late to go for something better. 

Fallow a sunscreen routine

I hope till now you have understood the need for sunscreen for your skin. So it is good to add this to your daily skincare routine. It is not only for the guy but also for our beautiful ladies out there, a simple reminder to not skip your sunscreen. 

It is always necessary to wear sunscreen and protect your skin while stepping out. No matter if you’re walking or driving. The more you protect and cover your skin the more it will stay healthy. Also, here I do not mention stopping the intake of your vitamin D from the sun. It is extremely important. A little conclusion is sunlight is healthy, but it does not come alone. It gives a free ride to harmful UVA and UVB rays that can damage your skin.

This was a short reminder for you of how important it is to wear sunscreen both for men and women. So don’t skip and go for it. 


Fashion brands in 2021 are seeing some very uncommon changes. The ‘top’ in the fashion industry is often in competition to list of “hottest”, “most popular”, “luxurious” and “valuable” and so on. One of the most popular fashion brands can be simply based on brand value. But in case you want to rank higher in the list then require more. You would require a juicy mix of sales and brand value with correct popularity. Keep reading to find out the top 10 brands of 2021 from around the world. 

  1. Off-White: Believe it or not! Off-White is the “Hottest Brand” around the world. Three times in a row Off-White was able to build on younger buyers and celebrities. This brand took a completely digital approach and has 10+k Instagram followers. During lockdown, Off-White managed to launch the Active Movement program with Evian, released a new collection, and made its debut with Off-White X Air Jordan IV.

  2. Balenciaga: Next on our list is a luxury fashion founded in 1917. Balenciaga got its name from a Spanish designer named Cristobal Balenciaga. Known by the quote of “the master of us all” – Balenciaga brought a fresh perspective and uncompromised standard to the fashion industry. His designs are open to athletic minimalism. Balenciaga released koala hoodies to raise funds for Australia’s bushfire relief. Its parent company Kering manufactured a surgical mask as a response to Covid-19 pandemic situation.

  3. Nike: Well-known American multinational corporation – Nike, engage in design, development, manufacturing, and world sale of accessories, footwear, apparel, and equipment. The brand launched “Mamba Forever” to pay its tribute to Kobe Bryant, and donated over $15 million as a response to the pandemic situation.

  4. Gucci: One of most popular Italian brands of Fashion and leather was founded by none the hand Guccio Gucci. Since 1912 Gucci has been on its way to redefining luxury. It is a pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship and offers “Horsebit” loafers, “Dionysus” bags, and much more. Not to mention it is one of the highest selling brands in the whole wide world. Gucci pledged to donate 2 million euros in response to the global pandemic situation.

  5. Prada: This brand has a long history. Started from a small goods store approximately 100 years ago, now it is one of most iconic fashion houses. Recently, Prada began experimenting with distinctive elements. Inspired by people, environment, and ethical values, this brand is on its way to some major developments. As of now, Prada funded two new ICUs in three of Milan’s hospitals as a response to the global pandemic situation. The brand also partnered with UNESCO for an education program.

  6. Moncler: This unique brand is named after French Alpine town of Monestier-de-Clermont. Moncler is biased towards mountaineering heritage. With its perfect fusion of street style and alpine sensibility – it managed to build status in men’s, women’s, and children’s stylish clothing. It is reported that Moncler donated approximately 10 million euro to Milan hospital as a response to Covid-19 pandemic.

  7. Fendi: The success of Fendi comes from Adele and Edoardo Fendi. Since 1925, Fendi has been known to offer excellent craftsmanship, innovation, and style. It was in late 1965 when Karl Lagerfeld joined Fendi and took it to whole another level. This brand gets its popularity from high celebrity adoption and social media. Carla Fendi Foundation donation around 100k euro in response to pandemic calamity.

  8. Valentino: This brand came into picture in 1959, in the heart of Rome where the house of Valentino is nested. Founded by Valentino Garavani, this house is exclusively known for “Valentino Red”. Valentino also designs custom wedding dresses. Valentino unveiled one of the best sneakers collaboration with Onitsuka Tiger. Its parent company also donated 2 million euros in response to Covid-19 crises.

  9. Saint Laurent: Recently, one of French luxury fashion houses released a ‘Valentine’s Day’ capsule collection. This fashion house was founded by Yves Saint Laurent along with his partner Pierre Berge. Also, its parent company is in the Kering group. The concept called “Saint Laurent Rive Gauche” can be roughly translated to youth and freedom.

  10. Versace: Last but not least, Versace is an Italian luxury fashion company. It was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace. This brand logo is a Greek Mythological creature named Medusa. A woman with serpent hairs. Versace design high-end ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. Gianni chooses Medusa because she could make people fall in love with her. There was no going back. The brand donated over $850k as a response to Covid-19 pandemic. 

Wrapping Up

Our extended list includes Burberry, Stone Island, and many other brands like Bottega Veneta. Today, during the current pandemic situation when there are no events, social occasions, and holidays or concerts; fashion purchases have started to dry up. With a doubt, new reports on pandemic would paint the picture for future top brands.