Currently, there are a lot of changes happening all around the world. Business-owners, brands, and marketers would be facing challenges every day. Forget about generating ROI, many brands are simply losing their awareness of the market. Today, almost 96% of sales are originating from online sources. It is essential to avoid making any mistakes. The three pillars of successful branding during these times are:

  1. Balance 
  2. Marketing 
  3. Goals 

It is essential to have proper tools in your arsenal to keep your business on the correct trajectory. But there is one tool which is perhaps super important and above all; it is your website. Unique and beautiful websites serve as a base of attracting more prospective customers. Presently, all websites must be based on a mobile-first approach. In other words, a website should be responsive on a variety of mobile displays as well as laptops and wide screens. 

Prospect customers look for different factors and overall intuitiveness of the website before using it. Based on a few factors, here is a list of basic mistakes to avoid when building your first website.

  1. Looks And Design: First one first, does your website look older? Most of the time an inadequate website reflects out of touch factors. Ensure that your website design reflects current user behavior and practices.

  2. Photography and Graphics: Great is the enemy of good. Avoid selling something online with poor-quality images. Invest in high-end visuals. So, you don’t need to upload 50 photographs. Only 5 with amazing visuals would work just fine.

  3. Everything At One Spot: A good website design is intuitive; it has smooth navigation and easy user interface. Avoid giving everything at one spot, but never make it a treasure hunt for users.

  4. Getting Viewers: Most niches have specific starting points. For example, if you are selling houses online. First thing a user will go for is a plan, offers, deal, and price, etc. Only after they have seen your plan; you can take them to another service. Avoid forcing your user to download anything.

  5. Easy-To-Find: All information on a website must be easy to find. Every “contact us” information should be relevant, clear, simple, and up-to-date.

  6. Mobile-First: Ensure that you are choosing correct website design. Presently, most online activity comes from smartphones and iPads. Therefore aim to make your website automatically adjust information and photos on a variety of displays.

  7. Showcasing Vs. Database: When you collect prospect information, ensure that your audience gets what is promised. Allow visitors to easily view all sorts of different information, and give the option to download it for free. Find a balance between showcasing and building a user database.

  8. Lead Magnets: A good lead magnet is capable of everything. In case you don’t want your visitors to leave without giving you an email, phone number, etc. use lead magnets. Leverage brochures and newsletters to generate a greater number of leads.

  9. Website Optimization: Perhaps you already know the importance of optimizing websites. Yes! It is absolutely essential to have SEO (search engine optimization).  To make it to the first page of any search engine, and to boost revenue leverage SEO.

  10. Engaging Content: Last but not least, it is essential to have relevant and catchy content on your website. Did you know? Using copied to redundant content could lower your organic search engine results. So, keep it original and fresh. 

Wrapping Up 

Often websites are built without properly investigating prospective visitors. Ensure to brainstorm on the target audience. So, you can build a relevant and compelling message. Keep your website design simple, easy-to-navigate, and responsive.  

Currently, for any case investigation, you would need more than one detective agent. Together in a team, it is easy to crack open even the most difficult and changing investigations. Private investigators in Chandigarh are professionals of the field and offer unique expertise to bring forth the truth. Since lockdown, a lot of change in behavior is surfacing within society and communities. There is a vast number of young individuals, parents, and Gen-Z individuals who are looking for a way to feel safe and secure once again. This includes getting pre-marital checks and resolving innermost doubts. 

So, How Does It All Begins? 

The first stage of any investigation is where professional detective agencies in India would be approached by an individual. In most cases, individual seeking investigation services also provide suspect names, addresses, and photos. Although, private investigators in India would also ask for specific details, for example, vehicle details. However, in many cases, clients do not have such information and just provide basic information to investigators. The skilled private detective knows how to extract information from a variety of sources. 

How Does It All Work? 

All investigations occur in a very discreet and in a structured way. At any point, there is no mention of the client’s identity. In short, the whole process involves a mix of activities, surveillance, inquiries, social media analysis, and much more. In real-time, it is all much more complex and challenging than said. Wholesome people may have opinions clash and their inputs might send investigators in a whole new direction. That is why it is essential to get a professional private detective investigator in Chandigarh for your pre-matrimonial investigation. 

What Does A Pre-Matrimonial Investigation Would Cover?

It is a pre-matrimonial investigation that could save your life and your assets. In case you doubt your spouse-to-be then stop avoiding the feeling. Share details with a private investigator and go for a pre-matrimonial check. Your pre-matrimonial check with cover: 

  1. Family Background Check: First and foremost, details regarding a family member, general behavior, and reputation will be investigated. Next, their occupational place, office, and company space would be kept under surveillance. 
  2. Health Status: Next, the bride or groom whichever side you want to get investigated could be done. Whether he/she suffers from any major disorder, health issues, or any other problem will be investigated. 
  3. Social Status:  A complete social check would include educational checks, criminal background checks, and general social checks. Since the social reputation of a person could matter most to him/her; the investigation is done in a completely discreet manner. 

Warning Signs To Look For

  1. Defensive approach of partner
  2. Forgetfulness
  3. Odd hours of work 
  4. Constantly keeping a tab on you
  5. Being overly obsessive 

Wrapping Up 

In today’s changing times, it is essential to get a detailed report on your partner before you take a vow to be with him/her for life. Once you are in a serious relationship it becomes very hard to start again. So, always consider taking necessary action.  

Currently, there is a digital marketing agency in every city of the world. Around +30k digital marketing agencies in the world, out of which 60% would offer SEO integrated services. Today, more and more digital marketing agencies are coming to surface. The competitive marketing industry often experimental agencies work on different models as compared to trending marketing agencies. In short! Each digital marketing agency could have a unique model as its core. So, for those who just begin their journey, setting a business model could bridge the gap between failure and success. 

Business Models From A New Lens

There is no mystery here, world renowned digital marketing to small-scale digital marketing agencies use a business model. The business model often makes everything tangible for the agency’s stakeholders.  Crafting a successful business model is all about capturing business value, value proposition, channeling, and maintaining good relationships. Not to mention generating revenue. Most business models work toward expanding resources and performing impacting activities. Plus, business models help in understanding specific jobs and to prepare focused questions. Although, at the very core, a variety of digital marketing agencies would be leveraging almost the same business models, they would help clients to achieve a variety of marketing goals. 


Business Models For Marketing In The Now

Presently, to make your impact and to reach a wider customer base, you would need a new business model blueprint. Some of the new agencies often have only one vertical, one marketing and specific resellers. While others embrace the full market. Here are segments to identifying targets by geography

  1. Local Region Businesses 
  2. Local Region Brands
  3. International Brands 

Also, we target by verticals aka industry-wise. 

  1. Single vertical focused agency: Most commonly dealership and lawyers. 
  2. Single vertical internationally focused agency: Global SEO companies 
  3. Multiple target focused agencies: ecommerce, travel, fashion and real estate. 
  4. Online only focused agencies: Drive revenue from online transaction 
  5. B2B focused agency

We can also target by size:

  1. Small To Large Business
  2. Companies and Enterprises
  3. Fortune500 Brands

Once you set your focus next it is time to go for customer segmentation: 

  1. Do you want to address customer needs?
  2. Do you want to build a brand angle?
  3. Do you want to be unique in service, method and price?

Talking about digital marketing agencies, there is a lot happening these days. Due to the global pandemic situation, many agencies are switching to a new business model. Industry experts, client segment and customer experience are changing every day. From a single expert point of view, the ways to showcase a product or service are increasing. Soon, there would be a more appropriate way to showcase know-how of technology, products and services. Therefore, for beginners if the approach is the angle, then depending on full-digital position or semi-digital position you might require to have strategy, creation model and social media marketing and so on. 

Then you can offer a mix of services including SEO, SMM and Email marketing etc. for a monthly or yearly subscription price. Although there is less delivery angle as well, which is more or like Think-Plan-Do measure method. 


Industry events, conferences and business networking is a way for promoting and meeting prospect clients. Plus, it would help in strengthening relationships. For beginners it might take some time, but it is important for someone working in a marketing agency to gain exposure to industry. 


Search engine optimization is a way to showcase your strength, phenomenal brand and to expand marketing capacities. If done properly, SEO can take your business/brand to the next-level.

Wrapping Up 

Crafting a new business model would require you to look into nearly every aspect of business and industry. One important aspect is to have perspective and ability to be transparent about issues. Together with aforementioned tips and tricks, you can build a rock-solid digital marketing agency.