In this post, we will be diving deep into tours and travel during “The Pandemic Season”. The year 2021 is almost about to get over. What a year! Today, we all are looking forward to the ‘new normal’. Slowly and steadily borders are opening, although there are still mandatory quarantines and other travel restrictions. All thanks to novel coronavirus on causing havoc across the tourism industry. 

Presently, many countries have controlled the spread of viruses, yet the numbers are totally opposite. The count of virus spread is increasing day after day. Hence, the subject ‘Travel’ is going to be a ‘touchy topic’ for a couple of months more. Planning a trip is even more stressful and difficult. During the last few weeks, the online searches are spiking for individuals looking for travel tips. Many people desperately need a break. 

On other hand, planning and travel tips are changing. As there is change in trends in varieties of industries, similarly travel tips trends are on a raging transformation. As of now, most people are choosing not to travel to international destinations. In case you have made up your mind, keep reading and find out a list of basic travel tips to follow on your next tour. 

Close To Home

First and foremost, planning to visit a new destination. Ensure that you select something with sport nearby. In other words, how about staying inside a lake side home? The idea is to not to travel with a lot of stuff and to stay close to home. Booking a lake side house would mean you can spend time both indoors and outdoors.

Key guidance

  1. Take into consideration local rules and regulations. 
  2. Find a destination with all-in-one facilities. 
  3. Avoid COVID-19 hotspots
  4. Make booking pro-actively. 
  5. Follow COVID-19 safety rules.

Note: Also, make sure that owners of the place take COVID-19 precautionary measures seriously. 

Vacation Rentals During COVID-19 

Vacations can mean different things to different individuals. For example, for one a perfect vacation would be a travel package containing, stay at a lake house and lots of sports activities. On the other hand, some individuals prefer camping in a remote corner of the world. Pick your vacations as per how you feel like going about it. Here is a basic list that would help you: 

  1. Bring your own supplies.
  2. Wear your masks
  3. Research Airport well before time. 
  4. Choose a restaurant carefully. 
  5. Keep it yourself. 

Should You Plan A Trip? 

As of now, traveling is not the best thing to do. But, then again it is not realistic to expect everyone to stay at home. Especially when we are in the ‘unlocking phase’. So, choosing to travel completely depends on the choice of individuals. That being said, planning to travel in the upcoming month would require a bit more effort than usual. 


When moving outdoors whether for business tours or vacation ensure to practice social distancing. Wear a mask at all times when in public and interacting with others. We know it might take some more time till we reach ‘new normal’. So, in case you are willing to do your homework with complete responsibility – then it is possible to go out and have a little vacation.