Webpage loading speed is one of key factors determining overall ranking and performance of a website. How fast webpage loads determine the quality of traffic you can drive to your website. In this post, you will find out how fast your web page should load plus tips to improve slow web pages.

The core question: How fast a web page must load? To be honest, the answer is simple “As fast it can ” but it is not always easy to get this in real-time implementation. Thousands of websites face slowness when it comes to loading. This is because it takes a lot and a lot of effort to improve webpage loading speed. Plus, there are a variety of variables involved that affect webpage loading speed. It is crucial to know when to go green with webpages. But, even after going green it is recommended to monitor your webpage loading time. As of now in 2020, the real-time number for webpage loading time is 3 seconds or less. 

Page Loading Speed Matters

Most of time web pages load in pieces. That is why sometimes photos load at last; one spot would load quickly, and while others could take a bit more time. And, finally complete webpage is loaded. One of reason behind it is that there are different elements in web page. These elements and other factors contribute to overall load time. So, simply by understanding how page loading works would also help you know about reasons behind why it matters. Here are two basic reasons why page loading speed matters: 

  1. Online consumers are impatient
  2. Speed is one of core web vital ranking factor

Evaluate Your Page Load Time

There are a plethora of tools available online that can be used to evaluate overall load time on your website. One of them is GOOGLE PageSpeed Insights. It is a free tool to use and perhaps one of easiest to get hands-on. Remember that webpages respond differently on mobile as on desktop. Sometimes it could take 87% longer on a webpage to open on mobile as compared to desktop. 

Speeding Up A High-Performing Page

Just in case you have high-performance pages, then look at each page individually. Chances are this would speed up your pages further. Opening up and looking at the entire website at once would increase page loading time. One reason behind why this happens is that in comparison to a complete website it is easy to make changes on individual webpages. 

Tips On Improving Page Loading Time 

GOGLE PageSpeed Insights could help to improve your webpage load time. In other cases, it is developers who can do it for you. Page loading speed gets slower because of certain codes, simply removing these snippets can boost page loading speed instantly. Since there are a plethora of other factors; here is a basic list of recommendations to fix your web pages loading speed without GOOGLE tools and developers. 

Optimize Images For Load Time

First and foremost, images can be highly impactful. There is a LazyLoad Plugin which can help user to boost on the on-screen images initially. Later, all other images on the web page are loaded. This is a way to ensure that you don’t sacrifice quality for speed. 

Optimize Image For Size 

Presently, only responsive websites could survive fast-changing trends. In other words, to upload an image, you would need to meet certain criteria and invest in high-quality graphics. However, optimizing image size is key because smaller pixel density would speed with image load time. 

Optimize Image For Format

Next, search engine likes new image formats, for example, JPEG instead of JPG. So, once you invest in high-quality visual images consider converting format and see improvement for yourself

Content Optimization 

Lastly, although content optimization is a minor process; it involves internal linking and improving user experience. But optimized content is easy to crawl and therefore boosts overall speed.

Wrapping Up 

Focusing on aforementioned factors and monitoring your web page speed would help you to stay on top of ranking. It is highly recommended to audit and refresh page speed once in a year. Getting 3 seconds or less page load speed can guarantee higher conversion. 


Convenience is key to success. Especially when you have products and services to offer to prospect users. Currently, because of global situations, most business-owners, brands, medical practitioners, etc. are switching to online markets. On the other hand, prospect customers also expect a brand and business-owner to have an online website. Your website could be a showcase of your work, a home to education, and a platform to share information. In short, unique websites can perform a plethora of functions and offer a variety of features to users. Plus, a beautiful and attractive website adds value to customer experience There are So Many Reasons to Craft a New Unique Website. 

So, in case you don’t yet have a website of your own; here are 10 reasons to change your perspective. 

360-Degree Online Presence

Your first website could help you to stay connected with your prospective customer and clients around the clock. Throughout the year, even outside of business hours, holidays and lockdowns, your website will continue to make new connections. Plus, a website adds to the user’s overall experience and assists them to collect required information without leaving the comfort of their house. Without having a website your business could be losing customers to your competition. 

Pressure-Free Exchange

Website is a simple, quick, and easy way of communicating information. Buyers and sellers can list opening/closing hours, showcase their product, exchange location, and answer queries. Plus, the website allows you to upload a promotional, informational, educational, engaging video with prospects. Also, the website offers a way to build your community. 

Credibility & Authority 

Currently, technology is changing at an exponential pace.  For a small-scale, medium-scale, and reputed company; it is essential to have an online presence. One reason is that potential patients would also like to share information about your business/brand with others. If you have an online website; it makes it easy to share it with others. And, you get a wider customer base. 


Getting out a word of your business and brand using a traditional way could cost you more.  Websites on other hand removes use of traditional models of marketing. It eliminates middlemen and allows you to lower prices. Overall, it gives you a real competitive edge. You can share important information on internal websites and keep projects running at their optimum pace. 


Website makes your business/brand available to millions of people around the globe. The ability of websites to dissolve geographical barriers often help companies to find more prospective buyers. 


Leveraging analytical tools allows business-owners and brands to identify target demographics. Getting an inside view of information helps business-owners to drive more traffic. With a variety of available insights, you can build custom campaigns for social media channels, highlight opportunities, and promote your services/products. 

Marketing And Advertising 

Presently, there is a plethora of tools available online for example GOOGLE AdWords. These tools not only help to power up campaigns but boost the reach of websites to wider audiences. Plus, utilizing tools also increases the accuracy and reliability of advertising. Together with your website, online advertising campaign, and SEO you can craft and raise awareness. Also, it increases web page ranking in SERPs hence driving more traffic to the website. 

Online Competitors 

Today most retailers, traders, business owners, brands, and practitioners have an online website. In short, in case you don’t have a website yet, chances are that your competitors do. So, you might be missing out on new customers and opportunities. 

Customer Service

Believe it or not! Website offers a way better option to handle customer service. Using the FAQ section, you can answer user queries. Plus, you can upload videos of walkthroughs and take users on a journey of step by step understanding. Leveraging chatbots on websites you can instantly reply to user queries 24/7 and build a strong relationship. 

Growth Opportunity 

Website offers simple and great ways to capture potential investors and referrals. Utilizing a website, you can hit your target effectively and achieve goals faster. Moreover, a website could work forever. 

Wrapping up 

Before you start your next project, or launch a new product; get a new uniquely designed website. Leverage a beautifully designed landing page to capture a wider audience and drive organic traffic to your business website and make a new unique website.