Episode IX




  • Ep 9 poster

    Joseph & Lela make their way into the Auto-Mach mothership as they search for Rachel and the escape pods.
  • Sarah

    Sarah. Wife of Opus. Mother of Maggie and soon to be Auto-Mach 598. Voiced by Samana Budathoki.
  • Dr. Posner

    Dr. Posner. A master in tech-engineering and Galvany (electricity produced by chemical action.) What evil plan is he setting in place? What wretched scheme, what corrupt plot? Most importantly - what will be the consequences? Voiced by David Light.
  • The Auto-Machs

    The Auto-Machs. Mysterious robotic creatures. Once human. Forced inside tech-suits against their will. Controlled by an external main-frame even long after their death.
  • Episode One Chapter Two - Joseph's Hunt

    In this chapter, Joseph looks for his final bounty of the weekend. The o'Mailly brothers.
  • Joseph Marius Archer - The Bounty Hunter

    Our protagnist. Devil may care. Sarcastic, aloof and selfish to a fault. Joseph is a bounty hunter and a member of the Bounty Hunters Alliance. He loves anything that he can shoot, slash, ride or fly. Voiced by Kevin Logie.
  • Vivi - The Bike Bot

    Vivi. An A.I. motorcycle with voice commanding auto-pilot and overdrive capabilites. Vivi is Joseph's side-kick, voice of reason and best pal.
  • The Snipe-Blade

    All bounty hunters of the Bounty Hunter's Allaince wield some type of sword long range weapon hyrid. Joseph's weapon of choice is the Snipe-Blade. A Sniper Rifle fastened with a Hagane Steel. Metal typically used with Katanas.
  • The o'Maily Brothers - Reno & Rufus

    The o'Mailly brothers. Dangerous, unpredictable smugglers and weapons dealers. Reno, the older brother shares a love/hate relationship with his younger brother, Rufus, who wants nothing more than his big brother's approval. Voiced by Kyle Williams and Pablo Milla.
  • Reno & Rufus Getaway Truck

    The Get away truck was part of the o'Mailly brother's plan to escape before arriving at Bustle's Station.


Samana Budhathoki

Samana Budhathoki studied acting and the Mesiner technique under Charles Tentindo.

She is also the daughter of Nepali actor and film director Ramesh Budhathoki.

Voice of Sarah.

Richard King

Richard King is an actor and writer, known for Ain't She Sweet and For What It's Worth.  Richard studied creative writing at Idaho State University.

Voice of Opus.

Kevin Logie

Kevin Logie is an actor and writer, known for The Dissection of Thanksgiving (2008), Prism (2018) and Eleven Hundred to Lubbock.

Voice of Joseph

Katelyn Laird

Katelyn Laird is an actor, known for Amber Light (2012), Kat's Burglar (2016) and Minutes After Midnight (2015).

Voice of Lela

Pablo Milla

Pablo José Milla is an American actor and voiceover artist. He is of Salvadorian descent; the son of Dr. Paulino Milla, a pediatrician, and Patricia Milla, an incredible and devoted mother. Born and raised in Gainesville, FL, Pablo is an alumnus of Douglas Anderson School of the Arts ('13), where he majored in Performance Theatre.

Voice of Rufus & Gustavo

David Light

David has just been nominated for Best Supporting Actor, for his role as Reb Saunders, (the Hassidic Rabbi) in the play version, of the famous Jewish novel "The Chosen".

Voice of Dr. Posner & Auto-Machs

Kyle Williams

Kyle Wiliiams is a sound designer and voice actor. He resides in Orlando, Fl.

Voice of Reno and Mr.400


Mark Brooks

Writer & Producer




Dustin Shah

Mixer & Editer




Dzmitry Ivashchanka

Orchestrator & Composer



Kyle Williams

Sound Designer

Sound Design Portfolio

Jelena Pjevic

Art Work & Character Designer



Aedel Fakhrie

Art Work & Character Designer

Art Station Portfolio