Before you launch your business, consider some initial investment, find your own professional web designers, content writers, developers and you are all set to go. Even with professional website builders, you need to make sure that you use the correct CMS (content management system) to use. Choosing a good CMS will make sure that your website has impact, speed, and functionality for all activities.  


If we look back to 2001, a French programmer Michel Valdrighi launched B2-Cafelog, it was one of the first blogging platforms made by using PHP and MySQL. Later in 2003, Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg developed WordPress Platform. So, WordPress 0.7 was born in the same year. Followed by many updated versions including plethora of themes, persistent caching, better widget and much more. During 2016, WordPress launched 4.5(Coleman) with added inline links, new formatting shortcuts and many responsive previews. 

Presently, WordPress is the best CMS. 

Use Of WordPress 

Currently, WordPress is used by a +33% website on the internet. Millions of content developers, marketers, enthusiasts use WordPress for a variety of options. You can use it for web design and blog platforms, with a plethora of website choices, paid and free, sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose one. Past 15+ years have proven the most positive growth for blogging and web designing. 

  • There are 24+ million pages hosted using WP per month for more than 400 million to view
  • Almost 70 million of new post occur each month, getting 47+ million comments
  • WordPress blogs have been written in 120 languages, including French, Spanish, and English 
  • WordPress is used by top-player, for example, CNN, TED, and CBS Radio

Today, WordPress is rapidly growing over its competitors, for example, Blogger, SharePoint, And Drupal. If we look beyond blogging then you will see a great way to build a social network, fully functioning intranet and perfect platform for eCommerce. You can use a variety of tools, plugins, flexible features and much more. 

Here is 15 Benefits Of Using WordPress

  1. Simple And Easy: First things first, WordPress is unique, but it is also very simple and easy to use. In comparison to Drupal or Joomla, this platform has become the choice of people. One reason because, WordPress eliminates the need to master HTML, CSS, PHP, and others. Now you don’t have to deal with any kind of coding, and you can create a professional website without the help of a web developer. This allows you to eliminate wastage of time on learning to code.

  2. Very Innovation: Thousands of people use WordPress and stay up-to-date with the latest technology and trends. A useful function and purpose of WordPress have changed over time. With regular updates, this CMS platform has made it possible for people to stay relevant and useful.

  3. Attractive Design: WordPress offers an amazing number of dedicated themes. The best part of using WordPress is that it gives you free themes – which allows users to customize and personalize your creation.

  4. Flexibility: Next, you can choose from 22k+ plugins, there are thousands of themes and there are a great number of them which are free. This allows you to easily adapt to ever-changing trends of online media. 
  • – You can use the YOAST SEO plugin for optimization. 
  • – Pixel Your Site plugin will help you with Facebook

    Imagine working without a plugin! Things can get incredibly complicated; you can choose from a library of plugins used for a variety of purposes. And, using plugins requires just a few clicks.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – With WordPress, SEO is easy, simple and remarkable. You can easily simplify everything using H1, H2, and H3 tags, try using keywords in the URL of your website and use supporting plugins. WordPress comes with All-in-One SEO pack, platinum SEO pack, and Yoast SEO plugin, etc.

  2. Structure: There are quite a lot of features that build up WordPress structure really well. With clean structured websites, there is less loading time and the website is visually appealing.

  3. Easy CMS: WordPress CMS is very simple to use; it can simplify things for you. It gives editors, authors and administration freedom to make changes with a click of a button.

  4. Community: Using WordPress does not require any special knowledge, it favors community and member-based websites. WordPress offers your tool that would come handy for website designers.

  5.  Sharing Ability: WordPress makes sharing easy, you can use a plethora of widgets to connect everything to your social media accounts. You can share your content on various platforms.

  6.  Open Source: There is some open-source software whose source code is available for modification or enhancements. Since it is open-source software, WordPress is improving day by day with the help of hundreds of developers around the world. Developers work with other graphic artists to build highly creative themes. Most of these themes are free or available at competitive prices. With a strong community, innovative development, core creativity, all of WordPress websites build up to be unique and creative. 
  1. Responsiveness: CMS is one of best choices to take if you need your website to adjust according to different displays and devices. You can provide your visitors with an unforgettable experience, no matter whether they are using a smartphone or desktop.

  2. Functionality: Most HTML websites have the same basic functionality. On other hand, WordPress takes it to a new level. WordPress offers you themes and a plethora of plugins to make customization simple. It also improves the overall experience of users. So, once you sign up to the WordPress website, virtually there are no limits to the variety of plugins you can use. There is a range of modern and contemporary themes and anyone can use them to build an amazing website. From retail companies, bloggers to small businesses and online communities almost everyone uses WordPress.

  3. API (Application programming interfaces) – Almost all social media networks offer API’s, this helps integration of 3rd party service. In other words, WordPress will help you gain access to thousands of API’s, all it gives you freedom to simply integrate outside resources to your native website.

  4. Scalability: If you want a fast loading and fully functional website, then you need ability to scale. WordPress makes it possible for your business to grow and attract more visitors. WordPress developers around the world have helped users to create their own website’s faster and easier. This not only saves time but resources as well.

  5. Support: WordPress includes hundreds of technicians and volunteers which support various forums. So, all you need to do is post your question and you will receive your answer. 

Wrapping Up

WordPress allows you to build your website in a single day, all you require is pictures and content. WordPress adds to your value, flexibility, and efficiency. So, if you are looking for a quick and easy to make website then WordPress is the platform for you.