Coronavirus is being tracked down by many global health care agencies, companies, individuals and pretty much everyone. Well, there are a plethora of reasons to do so, with the evolving outbreak of COVID-19 everyone is in stress. Millions of people all around the world want to know what they can do now to save their families and themselves.  Keep reading to find out everyday health safety and preparedness steps to take.

Prevention is Best Cure 

Following is list of some common steps that well all can take and prevent getting infected: –

  1. Flu Vaccine:  If not already done, it is high time to get your flu vaccine. 
  2. Try to avoid meeting people who are sick 
  3. Avoid going to public places, work, school, etc, if you are sick. 
  4. During coughing and sneezing, properly cover your mouth and nose 
  5. Keep your hands clean, and avoid touching your nose and mouth area. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, and use soap. If soap is not available then you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 
  6. Avoid touching your eyes
  7. Try to get plenty of sleep, manage your stress, practice good habits and drink lot of water
  8. Make sure to disinfect your premises daily, clean doorknobs, switches, handles, computers, bathrooms sinks, counters, and other commonly touched places. 
  9. Use facemasks, as per CDC people who are healthy need not wear masks, only people who are ill should wear masks to prevent the spread of disease to others. 
  10. Use facemask if you are a health worker and if you work as caretaker of someone who is ill. 

Prepare Your Home 

To be honest, there are a plethora of things to be prepared for but now is not a time to panic. Here are some tips that will help get prepared for any emergency. 

  1. Build a supply of food and household supplies, for example, bathrooms items, diapers, dog food, and items of daily needs.
  2. Try to keep at least a 30-day supply of your prescription medication. Make sure to have a small medical kit ready with pain reliever, stomach remedies, and cold medicines. If possible, also stock some vitamins and electrolytes.
  3. Keep yourself updated with latest news and information (but don’t over-read everything)
  4. Communicate with your children about COVID-19, ask them to wash their hands regularly
  5. People with elderly parents and relative should plan a place for caring them in case they fall ill
  6. Share information with neighbors and help them to get prepared 

COVID- 19 Symptoms 

As per reported cases, people infected with COVID-19 have reportedly mild to severe respiratory illness. Some symptoms take time to appear and after 2-14 days after exposure, patients might feel feverish, cough and shortness of breath. In case, you or anyone near you shows similar symptoms then it highly recommended to call your healthcare professional. Stay healthy and stay safe.  

Basic protection against the new Coronavirus released on the WHO website is helping millions of people all around the world. While keeping track of the latest information on COVID-19 outbreak, it is essential to follow some precautionary measures. Many people who fall ill due to this virus suffered mild fever and recovered; you can crush it as well. Take proper health care steps, develop healthy habits, and follow some basic protective measures. 

covid 19 safety

Wash Your Hands

Washing hands regularly and thoroughly is one of the first preventive measures.  You can either use soap or any alcohol-based hand sanitizer. One reason behind washing your hand with soap is that it kills viruses that may be on your hands.

covid 19 safety

Social Distancing 

While traveling or commuting to work, make sure to maintain some distance between yourself and anyone who is sneezing.  When someone cough or sneezes, they tend to spray tiny liquid droplets from their nose and mouth. In case you are too close, you can easily breathe in those droplets including COVID-19 virus (if person coughing is infected) 

covid-19 safety tips

Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose and Mouth Area 

Hand touches many surfaces, and you can easily pick up viruses. Once your hand is contaminated, it can be easily transferred to eyes, nose, or mouth. In this way, viruses can enter your body, and then it can make you sick. 


Practice Respiratory Hygiene 

Another thing to make sure is that you follow good respiratory hygiene. In other words, covering your mouth and nose with your hand or elbow while sneezing is important. It is because droplets often spread viruses. When you follow good respiratory hygiene, you can actually protect your loved ones from viruses. 

You Have Fever Or Cough! 

Some of the common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, cough, and difficulty during breaking. In case you face the same issue, then it is highly recommended to seek medical attention. Being proactive will help you crush it.  Make sure to follow directions as given by your doctor or local health authority. With the help of the internet, most local authorities have in-advance information, and they can guide you. It is one of the best ways to protect and prevent viruses and other infectious diseases.

Stay Informed 

Another way to crush Coronavirus is simply staying informed about it. You might want to follow advice from your healthcare provider and protect yourself and your family. All national and local authorities have up-to-date information on the outbreak of the virus.  It is best to take advice seriously and then follow precautionary measures. 

Wrapping Up

Aforementioned information, tips, and tricks will help you in this time of stress. If you feel unwell, then perhaps it is best to stay home until you recover. Try to avoid any contact with others, if you develop fear, or cold and then immediately seek medical advice.